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Weight Management Treatments

Weight Management Treatments

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INDIBA deep care at VLCC. A technology that promotes the biological response of the tissue, accelerates recovery, boosts rejuvenation and revitalization, provides lifting and hydration results.

· Pain free
· Non-ablative
· Non-invasive
· No downtime
· Results visible from the very first session

Slimsonic treatment involves the gentle heating of the skin’s underlying network of collagen and elastin fibres to shrink fat cell volume, reduce lumpy skin, and improve skin texture.
An FDA and CE approved Appliance, uses two of the latest technologies – multiple channel radio frequency and vacuum therapy.
Best for – Weight Loss, Cellulite reduction, Body Contouring, Skin tightening including reduction of stretch marks.
Face Treatments including face Contouring and Skin lifting for aged, sagging skin with fine lines and wrinkles, Young, Flabby skin, Treatment for Double Chin + Neck lines and folds, Naso labial Fold, Crows Feet, Forehead Lines, under eye treatment, brow lift etc.
It’s unique because it has 3 radio frequencies in one appliance. – .8 MHz, 1.7 MHz, 2.45 MHz. maximizes penetration depth, accuracy, and efficiency.
Because of the three unique frequencies it penetrates different layers of the skin and fat layer below the skin resulting in fat loss as well as skin tightening during the same session.
Vacuum therapy works with the RF power to increase blood flow, lymphatic drainage, helps in deeper penetration of RF and relieves water retention.
Observed results include: Weight loss per session – 400 to 600 gms Cm Loss for Whole body – 10 cms to 12 cms Cm loss at Problem Area – 4 cms to 6 cms

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It is a combination program with the fat burning effect of Ultrasound along with benefits of lymphatic drainage and skin tightening with Lipolytic cream. It brings an increase in blood circulation with higher cell metabolism resulting in faster and better weight loss and body shaping.
· Activation and Stimulation
· Fat Breakage Cavitation
· Massage Therapy
· Thermopack
· Fat Burning

Once completed, this process will ensure a loss of 6 cm and weight loss of 600 gm per session.

A holistic massage technique with specially
designed wooden elements (rolling pins) that come in different sizes and shapes.
Each wooden element has a specific use for a particular area of the body.

Madero therapy’s objective is to eliminate the fat that accumulates in different
parts of the body such as the hips, thighs, and abdomen. This type of massage
activates micro- circulation in the treated area and eliminates water retention.

Used to shape and firm the buttocks. Practice has shown that anti-
cellulite wood therapy is much more efficient than traditional anti- cellulite


· It is 100% natural, non-invasive method.
· Free of contraindications.
· intensifies the breakdown of fat and fibrosis cellulite, therefore it can be eliminated
naturally with other toxins.


Weight loss per session – 300 to 600gms
Cm loss for whole body – 10 to 12 cm.

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VLCC has the exclusive Anti-Cellulite Full Body Therapy to help you tone your muscles during the weight loss process.
The whole body is massaged with medicated powder made from various herbs. This massage helps to tone up skin, diminishes the appearance of cellulite, improves digestion, and alleviates inactivity and sluggishness.
It works primarily on the lymphatic system and helps to drain the lymph.
It pacifies Kapha dosh.
It melts down the Medo Dhatu i.e., the fat. – As increased mobility of the skin due to the vigorous friction it tends to mobilize the fat deposition by working it out.
It provides nutrition to the skin – Rubbing over the skin invites an increased blood supply to the local skin, which carries a lot of vital nutrients for the area with increased oxygenation to the part, giving the skin a better texture.
Average cm loss 6 to 8 cm and weight loss up to 400 to 600 gms, adherence to diet and physical activity

Marine therapy has Seaweed extracts and other exquisite natural products which help in lipolysis and body contouring of the specific area with overall toning and firming of the body.
The Application of seaweed products- a concentration of trace elements and minerals, promotes detoxification, drainage, cellulite reduction and skin tightening effect.
The ingredients have vitamins and minerals and include iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Iodine compounds known as great lipolytic agents as they stimulate lipase activity.
There are Falcatum Root Extract, Caffeine, Coenzyme A, naturally derived algae called spirulina etc. –all these have actives which play a major role in cellulite treatment, maintaining skin structure and toning effect.
· Weight loss and body shaping,
· Detoxification
· Cellulite reduction
· Stimulates metabolism and promotes better circulation to reduce water retention and accumulation of toxins as well as to eliminate metabolic wastes.
· Keeps the skin optimally moisturised and nourished
· Skin firming
· Breaks weight plateau Marine Therapy

Average weight-loss: 300 – 600g Average body cm loss: 10-12 cm Specific Area: 4 – 6 cm

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VLCC Premium Bamboo Magic Therapy is a unique weight loss and body shaping therapy that uses bamboo rollers for deep tissue massage using specialized natural products like Activdrain Gel, ActivMelt Cream and 3D Thermo Buster Serum with a body wrap.
It provides piezoelectric effect on body which result in weight loss and body shaping particularly cellulite and improves the orange peel appearance, It helps in improving the metabolism that support fat burning.
It provides a deep state of relaxation by choosing deeper layers of tight muscles which relieves aches, pains and stiffness of joints and muscles.
Bamboo massage helps in several conditions like migraine, low back pain, post injury rehabilitation, circulatory problems, whiplash, leg aches, respiratory problems, tendonitis / bursitis, arthritis, neck and shoulder pain etc.
It boosts the micro-circulation and improves skin firming, smoothening, toning and hydrating the skin.
helps in detoxification and relieving water retention of the body.
Skin tone is also greatly enhanced.
This therapy uses unique natural products like Activdrain Gel, ActivMelt Cream and 3D Thermo Buster Serum having Euglena Gracilis Extract, Glaucium Falvim Leaf extract, Kigelia Africana fruit extract, Alga minerals, bark and leaf extracts, Gurana Seed Extract with carnitine, caffeine, Laminaria Extract with mineral salts. They also have plant extracts like rosemary, chamomile, licorice, green tea etc to give unique benefits.

LIPOZERO is the solution for total body-line management!
The combination of different technologies for improved fat reduction. Reduces the fat and cellulite at the same time, leading to improvement of an overall healthier body.
Solves body care & Anti-aging at the same time. Two types of handpieces can be treated from the face and body at the same time.
LipoZero is a 5D technology because it involves 5 proven body contouring & skincare technologies like – multipolar RF, Cavitation, Vacuum, Low level laser, & LED.
· Improvement of body-shape
· Cellulite improvement
· Post-liposuction
· Skin rejuvenation
· Improvement of facial line
· Volumetric dermal therapy
· Wrinkle treatment

Results – weight loss of 200gm -500gm & inchloss on the problematic area is upto 8cm.

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Pain management

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Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

A stress induced lifestyle causes an obstruction in our body with lymphatic swelling can lead to edema, muscle aches, constipation and dull complexion.

This treatment primarily involves the application of gentle pressures and light movements that may range anywhere from stroking to pushing, tapping, or rubbing.

The massage strokes used in the massage are light and rhythmic with patients feeling quite energized post-drainage.
Lymphatic massages improve circulation, increases your metabolic rate, and has the potential to enhance your immunity by stimulating your lymphatic flow.

Strengthened Immune System
More Energy
Better Sleep
Resolved Sinus Issues
Reduction of Swelling in the Legs
Healing After Surgery

Elixir premium Therapy

This magical Elixir Full Body Therapy accelerates the body’s self-healing capabilities by flushing out the unnecessary toxins in the body, reducing water retention, strengthening the Immune system, accelerating weight loss, and reducing cellulite.
The magical 5-in-1 therapy includes Meso-Press, Hot Stone Therapy, Detox Oil and Powder Rub, Heat Therapy, and radio frequency.
The well-researched therapy is a combination of traditional practices that have been there since time immemorial along with modern science.
It is a premium weight loss and body shaping therapy of the duration of 1 hr. and 45 mins, which is a unique combination of advance technology of Radiofrequency and therapy using special Detox oil and Detox powder mix especially prepared in VLCC accelerating the healing process and weight loss.
Improves energy levels by balancing Yin-Yang (Positive and negative energy)
Cleanses the body of toxins and promotes acid base balance
Accelerates weight loss and breaking of weight loss plateau.
Reverse the effects of ageing.
Promotes cellulite reduction
Relieves Water Retention
Helps reduce chronic pains, migraine, headaches,
Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression


Weight loss per session – 400 to 600 gms
Cm Loss for Whole body – 10 cms to 12 cms
Problematic Area – 4 cms to 6 cms

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10KG – Weight loss programs.
The team of experts such as Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Medical Doctor and Trained therapists, along with their experience and strong research driven protocols will help to achieve the desired weight loss.
The team of professionals can help you with any associated medical conditions too, for all age groups including elderly and adolescents.
Weight Loss Scientific evidence based on research studies have shown that with 10 Kg weight loss:
10% decrease of cholesterol levels
15 % decrease in LDL
30% decrease of Triglycerides
8% increase of HDL levels
The goal at VLCC is to EMPOWER through changing the way people look and feel and giving them a fresh and more positive perspective on life.

This newest body sculpting technique relies on a fat freezing method that successfully reduces fat bulges by targeting and breaking fat cells situated under the skin.
A non-invasive treatment refines your figure via a natural elimination process with results that show in a couple of weeks later.
Expert professionals at VLCC apply controlled cooling to the fat cells in targeted areas.
The cooling only affects the fat under the skin by crystallizing them or freezing them, eventually leading to a shapely body.
It is the only US FDA-cleared* non-surgical, non-invasive, safe permanent fat-reduction treatment.
· Technology uses a patented cooling process called Cryolipolysis® ( cryo is freezing, Lipolysis is fat loss) to target and eliminate fat cells permanently for life.
· It is a precise and controlled cooling applied to fat tissue on the skin with the suitable applicators.
· The cooling is induced from 70 minutes [depend on up the applicators] to temperatures of around −8°C selectively targeting fat cells without damage to other cells or tissues because only fat cells are susceptible to elimination from these temperatures while rest of the tissues do not have this property and remain safe.
· Skin is protected from low temperatures by application of protective gel and pad which prevents frostbite.
· Up to 17-22% permanent fat cell reduction occurs on the spot areas comparable to results from liposuction. In traditional weight loss, only the size of the fat cells reduces, the number remaining the same.
· Freezing causes fat cell crystallisation and fat cells begin to collapse by a process called apoptosis. The dead fat cells and their contents are cleared through the lymphatic system.
· One to three sessions can be given on the spot area.

Visible Reduction in fat folds occurs in 6-8 weeks’ time.
It’s not a weight loss session but body sculpting and contouring of the spot areas like tummy, flanks, thighs, chin or back and in special cases of pseudo gynecomastia or pseudo breasts in males.

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REBORN at VLCC designed for people with noticeable, unwanted bulges or stubborn excess fat in certain areas as thighs, abdomen, flanks, back, upper arm, and underneath the buttocks.

· Ideal for women & men
· Non- Invasive
· Zero downtime
· Safe technology

Fat reduction requires heating of the target area to reach a temperature of at least 42 degrees Celsius in the fat cells continuously over a period of at least 15 minutes, to trigger destruction of fat cells. The injured fat cells are then removed from the body via immune and inflammatory mechanisms in the following weeks to months.

REBORN heats up the fat cells & then the body flushes them out for several weeks.

ReBorn treatment takes about 25 minutes per session. During treatment, you may feel an internal deep warmth over the targeted area and an external cool sensation on the skin itself. You can relax, read, or rest during the session. It is a comfortable, painless, and safe treatment with no downtime, and you can resume your daily activities immediately after treatment.


A recommended treatment plan consists of 3 sessions, spaced 4-6 weeks apart.
Visible improvement typically appears ~3 weeks after the 2nd treatment. Some of the patients respond even quicker and see initial results ~3-4 weeks after the first session. The maximum outcome is usually visible 1-3 months after last session.

Pressotherapy is one of the painless and non-invasive detoxifying treatment that uses air pressure massage to dissolve the fat cells along with reducing cellulite. It helps you slim down within a short span of time.

You can opt for the treatment if you want to redefine your body’s shape and improve your metabolism.


It will help you build your immunity.
Regain your skin’s elasticity, regenerate tissues and reduces muscle spasms.
Completely non-invasive and lets you resume normal activities soon after the session.
Simulates your body and makes you feel energized.
It vastly improves circulatory disorders as well.
It helps you get rid of swelling and pain in different areas of the body
You can combine this treatment with other slimming treatments without worrying about any side-effects!
An immensely comfortable treatment, you can opt for it even on a weekly basis.

All in all, you’ll feel a world of difference whether it’s the shape of your body or skin complexion. This is what makes it more than just any ordinary fat reduction technique.

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