Weight Loss

Being the leading pioneer for weight loss in the industry, VLCC has become the number 1 wellness brand that provides a 360-degree bespoke package for each customer based on their preferential needs. From weight loss methods to therapeutic sessions VLCC has more than accomplished its Mission from day 1 in transforming the lives of men and women alike through beauty and wellness without adhering to the "one size fits all program” 

Weight is just not a number but an indicator of your own health. Losing weight as part of weight management is important because weighing too much is not good for your health. Being overweight weaken one’s immune system and increases risk of health conditions including heart problems, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and certain types of cancer. Overweight can also increase your risk for osteoarthritis (joint disease), sleep apnea (abnormal breathing at night) or other respiratory (breathing) problems. Obesity may also cause a person to feel sad or be treated differently by others. Over fat is another category, where in one needs to lose the extra fat, even when the BMI is in normal category. Above all the ‘OBESOGENIC’ environmental play a havoc role in today’s world, which turns individual to gain weight easily and difficult to lose. In addition to BMI, waist height ratio and waist circumference are the ideal parameter to decide on high fat percentage. Visceral fat which is a predominant factor of all metabolic disorders is residing over the waist line. So it is just not important to lose weight but to lose fat mass, achieve overall wellness and strengthen immunity.

VLCC integrated approach towards delivering weight loss, not only delivers expected results but also make it sustainable. 

The Four major components of Integrated Approach are – 

Dietary Modification – Diet Chart is prepared as per customer’s likes / dislikes / allergies and medical condition if any.

Passive Activity – Through Appliance & Therapy sessions to gear up body’s metabolism and improve muscle tone and skin firming.. 

Physical Activity – Customer is suggested for suitable physical exercises. 

Lifestyle Changes – Minor Changes in customer daily routine for a more active lifestyle. 

Weight Loss Scientific evidence based on research studies have shown that with 10 Kg weight loss: 

  • 10% decrease of cholesterol levels 
  • 15 % decrease in LDL 
  • 30% decrease of Triglycerides 
  • 8% increase of HDL levels

The team of experts such as Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Medical Doctor and Trained therapists, along with their experience and strong research driven protocols will help to achieve the desired weight loss. The team of professionals can help you with any associated medical conditions too, for all age groups including elderly and adolescents. 

VLCC has always thought of times a head of it contemporaries, it is just not about losing weight but improving in your wellness scores, fitness levels, confidence boost up and feel good quotient. We not only target weighing scale / circumferential reduction but also improving your chore health (focusing on gut health/ alkaline diet/ super foods). Our team of expertise has been adding value to myriads of lives, for past more than three decades. 

VLCC is the only brand to get accreditation from IMA (Indian Medical Association) for scientific based approach programs, in delivering sustainable results. VLCC is one stop solution under one roof for all and every requirement. VLCC is the unique wellness brand which claims to have IMA (Indian Medical Association) certification for its slimming program which states the importance we render to the same. 


Delivering weight loss 

Reducing water retention 


Improving metabolism & nutrient absorption 

Improving self healing mechanism 

Improving blood circulation 

Strengthening Immunity 


The slimming services offered include: 

Weight Loss programs

Spot and body reduction therapies

Premium Specialized Therapies to tackle weight loss plateaus.

Cryolipolysis for permanent fat reduction and body sculpting

Advanced technologies for weight loss

Skin firming, tightening and cellulite reduction programs.

Ayurvedic Therapies

Get Well Soon Treatments for each medical case.

The goal at VLCC is to EMPOWER through changing the way people look and feel and giving them a fresh and more positive perspective on life.

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I visited VLCC UAE yesterday to get a BAMBOO SLIMMING THERAPY done & I am pretty surprised with the results in the first session itself.  I lost about 300 grams & about 9 cm total right after my first session.


I did the 3D termo slim at VLCC you can check out my highlights for the step by step proces!
I literally lost a few inches and my pants were loose for me by the end of the session. Honestly the inch loss is quite impressive!

Hala Owais