Skin Glow

To get flawless, smooth skin isn’t too much to ask for. Lack of sleep, stress or lifestyle factors can rob your natural luminous glow leaving it to look dull and tired, despite using a range of skincare serums or creams. At VLCC we believe in achieving real results with scientific backing from specialized dermatologists. The tailored treatments will give you the most bang for your buck, by treating your skin in the most effective manner possible.


Meso Glow

Extreme lifestyle changes with prolonged sun exposure, exposure to environmental chemicals and dehydration can all lead to reduced moisture levels in the skin, often hastening the ageing effect ultimately leading to a dull complexion. In order to give you skin that boosted radiance, the mesotherapy gives your skin a shine as vitamins are injected to leave the customers with a radiant complexion. The Skin is infused with minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants, through micro injections, for glowing skin.


Yellow Peel – Party Peel

Removing any removing existing discolourations and preventing the development of new ones is a tedious task due to the high-level of daily skincare procedures to be followed. This simple progressive skin treatment works its charm by increasing an improved supply of oxygen to the skin while improving microcirculation to instantly increase the firmness and tightness of the skin thereby reducing the appearance of wrinkles.




With the loss of Hyaluronic Acid with time, the skin looses its natural suppleness and firmness resulting in the impact of aging. Profhilo is a minimally invasive injectable that uses the hyperfermentation process making it a comfortable skin rejuvenation treatment which restores elasticity, improves skin tone, enhances the skin texture and improves collagen and elasticity.


CuRAS Q-Switch – Carbon Peeling

As our skin is exposed to dust, politician and bacteria on a daily basis, it eventually leads to dull skin stripped of any nutrients. CuRAS provides optimal performance with Q-switch laser technology to stimulate collagen regeneration and give the skin a spotless glow as it is equipped with many modes to give the best results. A wide spectrum of skin concerns such as uneven skin tone are resolved , skin rejuvenation, as part of the Carbon Peel with this machine renders bright, glowing and radiant looking skin while also providing a permanent hair removal solution.



As collagen and elastin fibers disintegrate within your skin, the appearance of rough and dry skin begins to become more prominent. Restylane Skinboosters are used to improve the overall skin quality of the face along with any sensitive areas by enhancing hydration thereby adding a natural luminosity. Each treatment involves a series of hydrating microinjections of long-lasting hyaluronic acid, also called stabilised HA to provide long-term deep hydration as the micronutrients are penetrated into the layers of the skin.


Gold Mirco Botox

Helping to fine-tune your skin with a golden touch, if you’re looking for radiant skin with smaller pores, the Gold Micro Botox uses a patented gold-plated fine needle system to deliver bespoke solutions as per the individual request. This non-invasive treatment displays noticeable results in 1 session while creating a natural, youthful healing response at the deepest level of your skin - at any age. The technology and treatment is a result of recent advances in Stem Cell science. Titled as the World’s best non- invasive semi dermal treatment, the Gold Micro Botox AA. It enhances the texture of the skin along with reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Get ready for your pain free, semi dermal treatment which is suitable for all skin types and ages.

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I visited VLCC UAE yesterday to get a BAMBOO SLIMMING THERAPY done & I am pretty surprised with the results in the first session itself.  I lost about 300 grams & about 9 cm total right after my first session.


I did the 3D termo slim at VLCC you can check out my highlights for the step by step proces!
I literally lost a few inches and my pants were loose for me by the end of the session. Honestly the inch loss is quite impressive!

Hala Owais