Scalp Treatments

If your scalp is itchy, inflamed, and constantly sheds white flakes, you're not alone. Being weighed down by any scalp issues, is now a thing of the past. Experience any semblance of scalp concerns are much more common than usual. However, it’s very important to address these issues at the right time. So you can now say bye to any of your scalp woes, thanks to these customized treatments to cater to any specific issues.


Oily Scalp

Having an oily scalp is an inevitable problem that most of face regardless of the products we use. It often leads to uncomfortable itching, dandruff and hair-fall too. The best solution to an oily scalp would be in salon professional treatments. A customized treatment is prepared by our experts by applying a scalp exfoliant, and a tailor-made mix for the ends of hair. A thorough scalp massage encourages the removal of dead cells and restores scalp balance, so it feels clean and light.




A sensitive scalp can come with a host of issues ranging from itching to inflammation. To find a suitable cure to the problem, eliminating dryness and irritation of the scalp is one of them. The dermatologists at VLCC help reach to the bottom of the issue and exclude various pathologies. With the usage of mild shampoos to massages to improve blood circulation and soothing the scalp with an enriched masque which is gentle on the scalp.


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I visited VLCC UAE yesterday to get a BAMBOO SLIMMING THERAPY done & I am pretty surprised with the results in the first session itself.  I lost about 300 grams & about 9 cm total right after my first session.


I did the 3D termo slim at VLCC you can check out my highlights for the step by step proces!
I literally lost a few inches and my pants were loose for me by the end of the session. Honestly the inch loss is quite impressive!

Hala Owais