Fat Freezing

Those struggling with stubborn body fat find it hard to get rid of any excess fat cells underneath their problematic areas, often find it hard with either a diet or exercise. With non-invasive alternatives there some new techniques to tackle loose saggy





This newest body sculpting technique relies on a fat freezing method that successfully reduces fat bulges by targeting and breaking fat cells situated under the skin. This non-invasive treatment refines your figure via a natural elimination process with results that show in a couple of a weeks later. Expert professionals at VLCC apply controlled cooling to the fat cells in targeted area. The cooling only effects the fat under the skin by crystallizing them or freezing them, eventually leading to a shapely body.


It is the only US FDA-cleared* non-surgical, non-invasive, safe permanent fat-reduction treatment. 


  • Technology uses a patented cooling process called Cryolipolysis® ( cryo is freezing, Lipolysis is fat loss) to target and eliminate fat cells permanently for life. 
  • It is a precise and controlled cooling applied to fat tissue on the skin with the suitable applicators.
  • Applicators are selected based on the size of the pinch-able fat. 
  • The cooling is induced from 70 minutes [depend on up the applicators] to temperatures of around −8°C selectively targeting fat cells without damage to other cells or tissues because only fat cells are susceptible to elimination from these temperatures while rest of the tissues do not have this property and remain safe. 
  • Skin is protected from low temperatures by application of protective gel and pad which prevents frost bite. 
  • Up to 17-22% permanent fat cells reduction occurs on the spot areas comparable to results from liposuction. In traditional weight loss, only the size of the fat cells reduces, number remaining the same. 
  • Freezing causes fat cell crystallization and fat cells begin to collapse by a process called apoptosis. The dead fat cells and their contents are cleared through the lymphatic system. 
  • One to three sessions can be given on the spot area. 
  • Visible Reduction in fat folds occurs in 6-8 weeks' time. 
  • Its not a weight loss session but body sculpting and contouring of the spot areas like tummy, flanks, thighs, chin or back and in special cases of pseudo gynecomastia or pseudo breasts in males.


Specialized Treatments

VLCC caters to all body types with a range of specialized treatments to improve the body structure and shape. 


Elixir Detox therapy

This magical Elixir Full Body Therapy accelerates the body’s self-healing capabilities by flushing out the unnecessary toxins in the body, reducing water retention, strengthening the Immune system, accelerating weight loss, and reducing cellulite. The magical 5-in-1 therapy includes Meso-Press, Hot Stone Therapy, Detox Oil and Powder Rub, Heat Therapy, and radio frequency. The well-researched therapy is a combination of traditional practices that have been there since time immemorial along with modern science.


It is a premium weight loss and body shaping therapy of the duration of 1 hr. and 45 mins, which is a unique combination of advance technology of Radiofrequency and therapy using special Detox oil and Detox powder mix especially prepared in VLCC accelerating the healing process and weight loss. Detox oil, which is fusion of essential oils like pomegranate, orange, lemon, grapefruit, juniper berry oil, tea tree oil etc. rich in vitamin C, E and antioxidants stimulating healing and promoting weight loss. Detox powder which has cinnamon, coffee, Antamool, ginger, green tea etc. powders full of antioxidants is used on the problem area to give cm loss and spot reduction. The therapy is given using Black Basalt Rock Stone composed of calcic and small amounts of olivine, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium etc. They are formed as lava cools and volcanic ash energizing the body and releasing blocked energy. 


Key Benefits: 

  • Improves energy levels by balancing Yin-Yang (Positive and negative energy) 
  • Cleanses the body of toxins and promotes acid base balance 
  • Accelerates weight loss and breaking of weight loss plateau. 
  • Reverse the effects of ageing. 
  • Promotes cellulite reduction 
  • Relieves Water Retention 
  • Helps reduce chronic pains, migraine, headaches, 
  • Reduces stress, anxiety, and depression 


Observed results include: 

  • Weight loss per session – 400 to 600 gms 
  • Cm Loss for Whole body – 10 cms to 12 cms 
  • Problematic Area – 4 cms to 6 cms


Bamboo Magic Therapy

For those experiencing a migraine, lower back pain, post injury rehabilitation, circulatory issues, leg aches, whiplash, respiratory ailments, arthritis, neck and shoulder pain, the Bamboo Magic Therapy aids in treating these ailments. The experts at VLCC use natural bamboo rollers to deep massage the tissues in the body to promote weight loss and body shaping through a fascinating method. During the process other tropical products are applied on the body through a body wrap so that the essential ingredients in these products are thoroughly absorbed.

It is a premium weight loss and body shaping therapy of the duration of 1 ½ hrs, using bamboo rollers for deep tissue treatment and using special natural products Activdrain Gel, ActivMelt Cream and 3D Thermo Buster especially prepared in VLCC to provide weight loss and cm loss. The bamboo rollers provide piezoelectric effect on body which results in deep state of relaxation by choosing deeper layers of tight muscles, relieves aches, pains, and relief from many specific problems like migraines, Low back Pain, Leg aches, tendonitis / bursitis, Arthritis, neck, and shoulder pain. 

  • Result in weight loss and cm loss, particularly cellulite. 
  • We use special Activdrain Gel, ActivMelt Cream and 3D Thermo Buster natural products which contain leaf and bark extracts, Caffeine, Euglena Gracilis Extract, Kigelia Africana fruit extract, Gurana seed extracts with carnitine, mineral salts, plant extracts like rosemary, chamomile, licorice, green tea etc. 
  • These prevents the conversion of immature fat cells into mature fat cells, reduces the cellulite, helps in utilization of fat, firming and tightening of the skin and helps in detoxification and water retention of the body. 


Results include: 

  • Weight loss per session – 400 to 600 gms 
  • Cm Loss for Whole body – 10 cms to 12 cms 
  • Problematic Area – 4 cms to 6 cms


Ultra CurveXpert

It is a premium weight loss and body shaping therapy of the duration of 1 hr and 45 mins, which is a unique combination of advance technology of Ultra cavitation and therapy using special natural products Bamboo salt, Lipo burn gel, cryoactive contour serum and 3D power dose ampoule. These are especially prepared in VLCC accelerating weight loss and body shaping It is done for whole Body and targets selective body parts like thighs, abdomen, sides, hips, upper back, and arms.

  • Bamboo Salt contains natural minerals such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium and 80 electrolytes and trace minerals that are present naturally in sea water. This provides, body polish, exfoliation, and reduction of cellulite.
  • Lipo melt gel has carnitine, caffeine, Ivy, and butcher broom extract helps in raising metabolism and speeding of fat burning process. 
  • Cryogenic sculpting serum and 3 D buster serums have Allantoin, Ginseng, carnitine etc. which speed up the fat loss and prevent the maturation of immature fat cells to mature fat cells which aids in weight loss and body shaping.
  • The result is Average Weight Loss and Cm Loss per session: 400–600 gms, Spot area: 4-6cms, Full body: 10-15 cms.


3D Hydro balance

With the buildup of excess fluids in the body, one can face swelling in the hands, feet, ankles, and legs due to water retention in the body which may cause you to feel heavier than normal leading to bloating and puffiness. The experts at VLCC will assess the issue for each individual and conduct a test accordingly to eliminate any excess water or fluid from your circulatory system, cavities and all the tissues. 


Marine Therapy

Marine therapy has Seaweed extracts and other exquisite natural products which help in lipolysis and body contouring of the specific area with overall toning and firming of body. The Application of seaweed products- a concentration of trace elements and minerals, promotes detoxification, drainage, cellulite reduction and skin tightening effect. 

The ingredients have vitamins and minerals and include iodine, potassium, magnesium, calcium, and iron. Iodine compounds known as great lipolytic agents as they stimulate lipase activity. 

There are Falcatum Root Extract, Caffeine, Coenzyme A, naturally derived algae called spirulina etc. –all these have actives which plays major role in cellulite treatment, maintaining skin structure and toning effect. 


  • Weight loss and body shaping, 
  • Detoxification 
  • Cellulite reduction 
  • Stimulates metabolism and promotes better circulation to reduce water retention and accumulation of toxins as well as to eliminate metabolic wastes. 
  • Keeps the skin optimally moisturized and nourished 
  • Skin firming 
  • Breaks weight plateau Marine Therapy 

Result: Average weight-loss: 300 - 600g Average body cm loss: 10-12 cm Specific Area: 4 - 6 cm

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I visited VLCC UAE yesterday to get a BAMBOO SLIMMING THERAPY done & I am pretty surprised with the results in the first session itself.  I lost about 300 grams & about 9 cm total right after my first session.


I did the 3D termo slim at VLCC you can check out my highlights for the step by step proces!
I literally lost a few inches and my pants were loose for me by the end of the session. Honestly the inch loss is quite impressive!

Hala Owais