Body toning & firming, Body remodeling & Body Contouring

Due to work stress, daily physical activities have been reduced by making any sort of body toning or contouring harder for the most of us. There are a range of effective treatments offered at VLCC to help you shape your body, reduce cellulite, and tighten your skin in both sensitive and thicker areas on the skin.  While we all strive to look at our elegant best, not all of us understand the ease with which the treatment takes place.


Vtron Duo Therapy

It is a combination of low frequency ultrasound and radio frequency (Monopolar and Tripolar energy) to achieve weight loss and cm loss over a target area. Low frequency ultrasound is associated with cavitation and destruction of fat cells which results in weight loss. Radiofrequency increases the local temperature of the skin to 40-42 deg C which results in realignment and synthesis of collagen thereby resulting in skin firming. 



Radio frequency (RF), a form of electromagnetic energy, when applied to soft tissue, produces electromagnetic fields causing the oscillation of molecules within the tissue, which results in the generation of deep heat. This deeper heat within the dermis enhances collagen synthesis resulting in tissue contraction and skin tightening. Fat offers resistance to radio frequency and thus generates heat at the site of the adipocyte. This causes lysis of adipocyte cell walls thus liberating free fatty acids. These free fatty acids are utilized by achieving negative calorie balance through energy expenditure (physical activity). Dietary and lifestyle modification along with activity patterns is a part of the treatment. Expected Results - 500 gm to 700 gm weight loss and up 6 to 8 cm loss, depending on treatment area. 

It is combination of Ultra-cavitation & RF energy technology. It helps in achieving wt. loss, skin firming, remove the local oedema and improve the blood circulation.



Slimsonic is an FDA and CE approved Appliance. 

  • Uses two of the latest technologies – multiple channel radio frequency and vacuum therapy. 

Best for - Weight Loss, Cellulite reduction, Body Contouring, Skin tightening including reduction of stretch marks. 

Face Treatments including face Contouring and Skin lifting for aged, sagging skin with fine lines and wrinkles, Young, Flabby skin, Treatment for Double Chin + Neck lines and folds, Naso labial Fold, Crows Feet, Forehead Lines, under eye treatment, brow lift etc. 

  • Its unique because it has 3 radio frequencies in one appliance. - .8 MHz, 1.7 MHz, 2.45 MHz. maximizes penetration depth, accuracy, and efficiency. 
  • Because of the three unique frequencies it penetrates different layers of the skin and fat layer below the skin resulting in fat loss as well as skin tightening during the same session. 
  • The skin tightening is due to a process of Collagen remodeling in skin which includes 

1.Clumping of loose collagen fibers 

2.Closing in the loose collagen fibers 

  1. Production of new collagen fibers. 
  • Vacuum therapy works with the RF power to increase blood flow, lymphatic drainage, helps in deeper penetration of RF and relieves water retention. 


Observed results include: Weight loss per session – 400 to 600 gms Cm Loss for Whole body – 10 cms to 12 cms Cm loss at Problem Area – 4 cms to 6 cms


4D Slim 

It is a premium appliance which has a combination of latest technologies of Ultrasound, Radio frequency, Laser and Vacuum which gives instant, effective and sustainable results of weight loss, inch loss and detoxification. It is very safe, and CE approved. 

  1. Ultrasound works through ultra-cavitation process on fat cells and initiates the process of fat loss. 
  2. Laser works by increasing the permeability of fat cells membrane helping in releasing simple fat produced by breakage of complex fat in the cells. 
  3. Vacuum creates the negative pressure thus helps in increasing the lymphatic drainage. 
  4. Radiofrequency produces heat which helps in fat loss as well as collagen remodeling process giving skin tightening. 


  1. It provides fat (weight) loss and inch loss at the problem areas and reshaping of the body and skin tightening. 
  2. Increase the lymphatic drainage, detoxification and relieves water retention. 
  3. Helps in breaking the weight plateau so can be used in stagnant phase of weight loss. 
  4. It also helps in reducing fatigue and stress in muscles through, negative vacuum pressure. 

Results: On an average cm loss at problem areas upto 4cm to 8cm Weight loss upto 500g to 800 gms


5D LipoZero Slim/Trim

LIPOZERO is the solution for total body-line management! 

The combination of a different technologies for improved fat reduction. Reduces the fat and cellulite at the same time, leading to improvement of overall healthier body. Solves out the body care & Anti-aging at the same time. Two types of handpieces can treat from the face and body at the same time.

LipoZero is a 5D technology because it involves 5 proven body contouring & skincare technologies like – multipolar RF, Cavitation, Vacuum, Low level laser, & LED.


  • Improvement of body-shape
  • Cellulite improvement 
  • Post-liposuction 
  • Skin rejuvenation 
  • Improvement of facial line 
  • Volumetric dermal therapy
  • Wrinkle treatment

Results – weight loss of 200gm -500gm & inchloss on the problematic area is upto 8cm. 


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I visited VLCC UAE yesterday to get a BAMBOO SLIMMING THERAPY done & I am pretty surprised with the results in the first session itself.  I lost about 300 grams & about 9 cm total right after my first session.


I did the 3D termo slim at VLCC you can check out my highlights for the step by step proces!
I literally lost a few inches and my pants were loose for me by the end of the session. Honestly the inch loss is quite impressive!

Hala Owais