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LIPOZERO is the solution for total body-line management!

The combination of a different technologies for improved fat reduction. Reduces the fat and cellulite at the same time, leading to improvement of overall healthier body.
Solves body care & Anti-aging at the same time. Two types of handpieces can treat from the face and body at the same time.
LipoZero is a 5D technology because it involves 5 proven body contouring & skincare technologies like – multipolar RF, Cavitation, Vacuum, Low level laser, & LED.

Results – weight loss of 200gm -500gm & inchloss on the problematic area is upto 8cm.



This newest body sculpting technique relies on a fat freezing method that successfully reduces fat bulges by targeting and breaking fat cells situated under the skin.
A non-invasive treatment refines your figure via a natural elimination process with results that show in a couple of a weeks later.
Expert professionals at VLCC apply controlled cooling to the fat cells in targeted area.
The cooling only effects the fat under the skin by crystallizing them or freezing them, eventually leading to a shapely body.
It is the only US FDA-cleared* non-surgical, non-invasive, safe permanent fat-reduction treatment.

Visible Reduction in fat folds occurs in 6-8 weeks’ time.
It’s not a weight loss session but body sculpting and contouring of the spot areas like tummy, flanks, thighs, chin or back and in special cases of pseudo gynecomastia or pseudo breasts in males.

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